Drum Roll please, KDE 4.2 is released!

After nearly a year, the fantastic guys developing KDE have released the much anticipated KDE 4.2 version. The 4.2 version comes after about a year after a (disastrous) KDE 4.0 release. Linus might’ve switched to Gnome [no link bait here, go Digg it if need the info] but I’m still hooked on to KDE and especially love the KDE 4 series. KDE 4.1.3 was pretty awesome, and I can’t wait to try out it out, but the official Sabayon repositories don’t have KDE 4.2 yet.

You can install the RC version from Naendo repo, I recommend that you wait for the packages to be available in repos.

Some screenshots from KDE 4.2 release page:

Can’t wait to upgrade to it.

(and yes,  yes, I _will_ post a review on Sabayon soon. so far: its been the distro with the best Out of the Box experience. More soon!)

For more screenshots and videos, you can Check out the Release page here


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