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NetworkManager 0.70 breaks wireless for Intel 3945 users on Sabayon, here’s how to fix it

Well like I mentioned in my previous post, as I upgraded my system to KDE 4.2, NetworkManager 0.70 was also pushed in the update, and that broke my wireless. NetworkManager didn’t detect *any* of my network devices(yup, not even the ethernet port). A small post on Sabayon forums and I got the confirmation that I wasn’t the only one facing this, and the only way (atleast for now) is to downgrade to NetworkManager 0.6.6-r1.

So incase you aren’t able to connect via wireless, fire up your package manager and downgrade to NetworkManager 0.6.6-r1.

In Sabayon, you can do so by first switching to root.

su root

Next install NetworkManager 6.6-r1
equo install networkmanager-0.6.6-r1

In case this version is not present in Sabayon repos (like for me) emerge it from Gentoo sources.
Here’s how. Type

emerge --sync && layman -S

and followed by

emerge =net-misc/networkmanager-0.6.6-r1

That should bring up wireless. Will post if any update fixes this.
Thanks to wolfden from Sabayon forums for helping me out with this


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