General Links of the week

Links of the Week

Been a while since I’ve composed a post, work’s taken a toll on me and leave me with very little time :( 

Rather having no updates at all, decided to post some links which I found interesting and made for good read. So here we go!

  1. Linus Torvalds facts – Some hilarious dope here. Props to Jun Auza for the link.
  2. fwbuilder – Manage Firewalls easily 
  3. The World Beyond Microsoft – Wiktor writes on hypothetical post-Microsoft-crash world.
  4. Fastest way to disable PC speaker – really helpful if you work a lot on terminal and get irritated by those buzzing sounds.
  5. Customizing the terminal – Parts I and II – Binny writes on how you can customize the terminal prompt and add aliases
  6. Control your openSUSE Media player from an iPhone 
  7. Find it using findit! – Locate a find using findit, and get funky using some of its advanced features
  8. Show Popular Posts in WordPress without a Plugin – Binny continues his Plugin killer series of posts and writes on how you can show popular posts in WordPress using a simple query change.
  9. Simple ways to Optimize Gnome for Netbook displays – Jun Auza writes on simple ways of making your Gnome desktop look better.
  10. Finally, Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope hits beta. 


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