Let me just list some of the stuff IE9 doesn’t support:

Application Cache (offline)

Web Workers (threads in JavaScript)

HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors)

JavaScript Strict Mode

ForeignObject (embed external content in SVG)

SMIL Animations (SVG animations)

File API

WebGL (3D)

CSS3 Transitions (for animations)

CSS3 Text Shadow

CSS3 Gradients

CSS3 Border Image

CSS3 Flex box model

ClassList APIs


HTML5 History API

Drag’n Drop from Desktop

Let me list stuff that IE9 can do others don’t:

text-overflow doesn’t work in Firefox 4.

Calc is not supported in Chrome 9.

So that’s why I don’t consider IE9 a Modern Browser.

via IE9 & HTML5.

Modern Browser indeed.


  1. But IE9 isn’t completely out yet. Any of these in pipeline (Don’t really get the picture here, for example)? Would be a spiraling disaster if not added to IE9 but to 10/+ instead.

    1. @Harsh

      Given that IE9 is now a RC – I really doubt of any of the above will be added.

      I really hope Web Workers, File API & History get added. I’m not a web developer, but of all the missing stuff – those seem to be the one with the most impact

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