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Gobuntu: Ubuntu For FSF oriented

  Gobuntu is a GNU/Linux operating system, derived from Ubuntu, that endeavors to adhere to the Free Software Foundations four freedoms and intends to provide a base for other free software platforms to build upon with minimal modification required. It does this by only including open-source non-restricted software. This means there will be [...]

[Site Update]

Hey Ya All! Been a long time since I did a personal post here. Just been too busy, with office, with no PC and all. Sigh, I’ll have to rely on CyberCafes for the upcoming 2 months. Meanwhile, you may have noticed that I’ve setup a forum a while ago. Well today I *finally* managed to get out of my slumber and setup some forums and [...] 2.3 New Features

Chart The Chart component of has undergone a major revamp for 2.3. The developers have added a range of exciting new features, and at the same time made the creation of charts simpler and more logical. The default chart appearance is improved, with a new colour palette. The scaling of axes has been changed to give better result [...]

The myth of the thousand updates for ...

Rudd- has written in his blog about Distribution X downloading oh-so-many updates, everyday. He says: For the last six months, I’ve been reading article after article spewing the same bovine manure: Look at how many updates Distribution X issued! How can it be more secure than Windows? Let’s bury that stupidity under a ton of facts: “Look at [...]

Linux Mint 3.1 Celena Light Edition

Soon after the release of Linux Mint 3.1 “Celena” developers of Linux Mint have released Linux Mint “Celena” Light Edition. The purpose of the Light Edition is to bring a version of Linux Mint which doesn’t contain: proprietary software patented technologies support for restricted formats In some countries wh [...]

Linux Mint 3.1 Celena

This is Linux Mint 3.1, codename Celena, based on Cassandra and compatible with Ubuntu Feisty and its repositories. Celena is using Cassandra’s base (kernel 2.6.20-15, Gnome 2.18). What’s new in Celena (more…)

Some Free Games For Linux

A round-up of fun Linux diversions. When people talk about computer gaming these days, they invariably mean commercial games running on a Windows platform. Few people realize that Linux can be more than just a very good Web or file server. Even fewer people are aware of the many open-source or otherwise freely available games available for Li [...]

How To: Rescue Windows Files Using Li...

Problem: Windows Operating System is broken, must be a virus or something; need to rescue important files immediately. Solution: A Linux Live CD with Python pre-installed; an external storage device; this Python Script: #!/usr/bin/python # Filename: import os, time source = [‘DIRECTORY OF WINDOWS FILES TO BE BACKED-UP!’] targe [...]

Bhutan Deploys Linux

The Bhutan government liked its first taste of Linux so much that it has come back for seconds, releasing an updated version of its Debian-based operating system that it launched last year. Launched at the start of this month, Dzongkha Debian Linux is a Debian-based Linux operating system built in and for the national language, Dzongkha. It c [...]

New Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7.10: Gutsy Gibbon...

(K)Ubuntu today released it’s latest version of the popular Linux distribution, Gutsy Gibbon. Gutsy features better power management, improved hardware compatability, easier printer configuration and lots of desktop eye candy. To download it, go here. To download Kubuntu, go here