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Washington State LUG to Hold “N...

As part of a PR stunt, a Washington Linux user group is holding a “Nerd Auction” and appealing to local sororities to exchange dates and makeover advice for their computer skills and homework assistance. ‘The problem is that we’re all still nerds. Let’s face it, guys. If anyone’s going to bid on us, we̵ [...]

Novell Linux Business Shot Up Since M...

Novell’s Linux business has soared 243 percent since last November when the company signed its controversial deal with Microsoft. “The affect on sales year over year, for Novell’s first three quarters of our fiscal year, which ends Oct. 31 — our Linux business was up 243 percent year over year,” said Justin Stein [...]

Linux crashes the mobile party

Very few people lie awake at night fretting over their choice of mobile operating system. In fact, very few people even know what operating system their handset uses. Yet, despite this (probably healthy) level of ignorance, a quiet revolution is taking place in the mobile industry. Linux, the platform of choice for servers and geekier desktop [...]

GPL Lawsuit May Not Settle

Contrary to previous reports, it would seem the lawsuit against Monsoon Multimedia for violating the GNU General Public License (GPL) in its distribution of BusyBox may not be headed for a quick settlement. Nor will the settlement necessarily be out-of-court. Yesterday, Monsoon issued a news release that announced that the company was in R [...]

First US GPL Lawsuit Heads For Quick ...

The first U.S. GPL-related lawsuit appears to be headed for a quick out-of-court settlement. Monsoon Multimedia admitted today that it had violated the GPLv2 (GNU General Public License version 2), and said it will release its modified BusyBox code in full compliance with the license. Monsoon Multimedia has stated that it is currently in sett [...]

AMD Releases Register Specs For R5xx ...

Last week, AMD released register specifications for the RV630 and M56 parts into open source, thus allowing the OSS community to develop 2D (and theoretically 3D) drivers, given time. Current documentation for the project is available over at X.Org. Now, eight days later, Novell has released an alpha-quality driver for the R6XX and R5XX se [...]

Asus’ Linux & Menlow Based...

Leaked shots have finally appeared late in the week of Asus’ heavily anticipated Linux based ‘ultra mobile PC’: the R3. Eagle-eyed snappers at Navigadget spotted it during an Adobe presentation for its AIR platform and we learnt the briefest of spec outlines. At its core will be the much Intel’s much coveted next gen [...]

Krusader – An alternative to Do...

KDE users have for a long time had the jack-of-all-trades, all-singing-all-dancing Konqueror for file management. In KDE 4 we’ll be joined by the new Dolphin which will be the default file manager. If you yearn for a change of file manager now, however, and you’re a fan of the left-right split in your file manager, you might just like Krusade [...]

Linux to Be Installed in Every Russia...

Russian OS(yup, that’s what it’s going to be called, what a “awesome” name) is to be installed on every school computer in Russia by 2009. Furthermore, every pupil will get the opportunity to operate the applied software produced in Russia, Leonid Reiman, acting Minister of Communication stated at a press conference. E [...]

John Carmack not as interested in Lin...

A german publication has posted an interview with Todd Hollenshead, id Software’s CEO, that reveals id Software and John Carmack are no longer as committed to Linux as they have been. Todd’s words also imply that the Windows version of id Software’s next game, Rage, will use Direct3D rather than OpenGL. Id Tech 5, id Softwar [...]