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Vista + Linux/Ubuntu Dual Boot

One of the most teething problems involving Vista is that because of the way Microsoft have changed the booting process, the traditional boot.ini method no longer works. After scouring over the Internet and helping a friend over this, here a simple approach to dual booting. In this scenario, I’ve considered that Ubuntu Feisty Fawn was […]

Multimedia support in Linux

One of the most common complaints about Linux is that users are unable to play common media files such as mp3’s etc. This is mainly due to Copyright Restrictions, which prohibit bundling of the required codecs. The following steps indicate how to get those mp3s of yours blasting: For *buntu Users: Well it pretty simple, […]

Oh Kubuntu!

I’ve been a SuSE fan over since I tried out Linux back in well…. April 2000 to be exact(not that I remember, have the CD with me). The one I had tried was of version 6.3, came with CHIP magazine. Being the geek that I am, decided to try it out and was very impressed, […]