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Videos of Richard M Stallman’s ...

Richard M Stallman was in Bombay recently, as I found when Aditya Sengupta tweeted if anyone had questions for him. I asked Sengupta if there any plans to record the sessions and upload them, Sengupta said he’d have to check and come back. Few days after the event, Sengupta sent me an @reply saying that the videos had […]

[How to] Search through Bash history

Quick tip – if you use the Terminal as much as I do, ever been in a situation where you’ve written a particularly long command, and then want to issue that command again but can’t recall it ? Use the history command, and pipe it to grep to search it! history | grep -i <search-term> […]

Ubuntu Bug #625193 “We can̵...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture speaks for itself. Yes, its fugly. What the heck are those 3 bloody orbs ?

HOWTO: Starcraft 2 on Linux with Wine

Starcraft 2 [runs] under my Linux install with no issues. Since the game’s official release a few days ago I have been getting a good bit of traffic on those two pages – so I figured I would put together a quick HOWTO for getting Starcraft 2 working on your Linux distro of choice. The […]

Always display the location bar in Na...

This is a pretty good tip. The default style irritates me to no end. Check out the full post, there are some great tips, especially if you’re new to Nautilus like me. Ever since some distros started their attempt to become more “user-friendly” and gaining the nice looks, some default features got changed. In this […]

A look at GNOME Census

Here are our key findings: GNOME has a rhythm – there is a measurable increase in activity before release time, and after the annual GNOME conference GUADEC While over 70% of GNOME developers identify themselves as volunteers, over 70% of the commits to the GNOME releases are made by paid contributors Red Hat are the […]

Is Oracle trying to kill VirtualBox? ...

It seems Oracle is hellbent on destroying whatever good Sun had done to the Open Source Ecosystem. The latest product to get the axe seems to be none other than the Flagship Virtualization program xVM VirtualBox. [….] All tests show that VirtualBox 3.2 lacks any semblance of stability, crashing any operating system running on it […]

IronRuby and IronPython now on Apache...

If you check the latest versions of IronRuby, IronPython or the Dynamic Language Runtime you will see that Microsoft has now relicensed the code from the Microsoft Permissive License to the Apache 2 License via Microsoft Licensing Changes for IronRuby and IronPython – Miguel de Icaza.

Transcript of discussion between Matt...

Couple of days ago, there was a huge debate (argument ?)  between Matt Mullenweg  – developer of WordPress and Chris Pearson – developer of Thesis premium theme over twitter which then extended to Mixergy. Crux of the argument is the disagreement amognst the two over the licensing terms. Matt believes that Thesis should adopt GPL […]