Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Released: Download it, Some Reviews and Tips 1

Bang of the release schedule, the next version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 8.10 dubbed the Intrepid Ibex was released on October 30th. Ubuntu Intrepix Ibex brings in some new features like Share this:PocketTwitterFacebookLinkedInEmail

[How To] Fix MBR after installing/uninstalling Windows/Linux in a dual boot 13

Many, who do a dual boot with any Linux and Windows will face the problem of Master Boot Record (MBR). In easier words, one of them (Windows or Linux) wont boot after installing/uninstalling the other. This is a small guide I hope many would find it useful. FIXING WINDOWS BOOT AFTER UNINSTALLING LINUX Share this:PocketTwitterFacebookLinkedInEmail

[How to] Setting up Frontech Tv Tuner in Linux

Continue I am personally a Frontech tv tuner user. I dont currently use it now but i was using in the past. I faced hell a lot of problems to get it working. It was sheer luck that i ran into the info here which saved me!!!! Thanks to Mann. Here’s an excerpt from it ...

[How-To]Send SMS from your Linux computer via your Mobile Phone 10

While exploring Fedora 10 Beta, I found this neat little app called Phone Manager. The about page of PhoneManager states Phone Manager is a program created to allow you to control aspects of your mobile phone from your GNOME 2 desktop.. Share this:PocketTwitterFacebookLinkedInEmail

Create a Fedora Bootable USB Pen/Flash Drive Easily using liveusb-creator 5

Create a Fedora Bootable USB Pen/Flash Drive Easily using liveusb-creator
LiveCDs are a great way to try out (new) Linux distros on your system. Unfortunately CDs get scratched pretty easily, and can turn into a coaster pretty soon. With prices of USB pen drives at rock bottom, they’re probably the best way to try out LiveCDs. Generally its not that easy to make a bootable ...

Adobe Releases Flash Player 10 For Linux 1

Adobe released the latest version, Flash 10 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. The new release brings in loads of new features, and has better Linux support as well. Download Flash Player 10 for Linux from here. Instructions on how-to install the Flash Player can be found here Share this:PocketTwitterFacebookLinkedInEmail

Amarok 2.0 Beta 2 Released And a look at what Amarok 2.0 might bring in 4

Couple of days ago, the second beta to the second version of the immensely popular and fantastic audio player Amarok was released by the Amarok team. The second beta brings in some drastic changes, the main one being SQLite no longer being the default backend, and PostgreSQL support being dropped, in favour of a single ...

[How To] Solution for sudo: must be setuid root problem 21

I had encountered this problem on sudo/gksu not working few months earlier. Whenever I had to open an application with gksu it did not open at all !  I was wondering what did i do. I dint know whether  i meddled with something or is it any other configuration that created the problem. If I type sudo ...