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Mandriva Linux 2008 RC 1 Released

The first release candidate of Mandriva Linux 2008, codenamed Galilee, is now available. The release notes are also available via the wiki. A guide to major new features (some of which are not yet implemented in this release candidate), and the detailed technical specifications are also available. This release candidate is available as a three […]

Making Dolphin the Default File Manag...

Dolphin’s fast loading times and clean interface made me consider to have a second look at Dolphin. So here’s a way to make Dolphin the default file manager. If you haven’t installed Dolphin yet, install it via apt-get or Adept. More info about that in my previous post. Then, Click on K Menu -> Run […]

A Look At Dolphin

While looking at the packages available in Adept, I saw that Dolphin was available. I was a bit surprised, considering that Dolphin is still in beta stage but nonetheless decided to have a look at it For the uninitiated, Dolphin will be the default file manager in KDE4 breaking away from the tradition of Konqueror […]

Vista + Linux/Ubuntu Dual Boot

One of the most teething problems involving Vista is that because of the way Microsoft have changed the booting process, the traditional boot.ini method no longer works. After scouring over the Internet and helping a friend over this, here a simple approach to dual booting. In this scenario, I’ve considered that Ubuntu Feisty Fawn was […]