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John Carmack not as interested in Lin...

A german publication has posted an interview with Todd Hollenshead, id Software’s CEO, that reveals id Software and John Carmack are no longer as committed to Linux as they have been. Todd’s words also imply that the Windows version of id Software’s next game, Rage, will use Direct3D rather than OpenGL. Id Tech 5, id Software’s […]

openSuSE 10.3: Sneak Peaks Part I, 1-...

Today we are taking a look at the new One-Click Install technology which aims to simplify package management for users. We will see how this is integrated into the openSUSE Build Service and we’ll have a talk with Benjamin Weber, the original author and maintainer of One-Click Install. One-Click Install: Hassle-Free Installation of Software openSUSE […]

A Look At Dolphin

While looking at the packages available in Adept, I saw that Dolphin was available. I was a bit surprised, considering that Dolphin is still in beta stage but nonetheless decided to have a look at it For the uninitiated, Dolphin will be the default file manager in KDE4 breaking away from the tradition of Konqueror […]

Oh Kubuntu!

I’ve been a SuSE fan over since I tried out Linux back in well…. April 2000 to be exact(not that I remember, have the CD with me). The one I had tried was of version 6.3, came with CHIP magazine. Being the geek that I am, decided to try it out and was very impressed, […]