Here’s something Preshit told me about yesterday on IM, Wubuntu!! That’s Web Ubuntu! Here’s what the developers had to say about Wubuntu:

“Welcome to Wubuntu, the Ubuntu interface as a website. I started this project because I thought it was a challange to make something look like an operating system. In this case i chose Ubuntu, since I had already done Vista :P

Wubuntu stands for Web Ubuntu, in case you wondered what the W was doing there ;-) (Come on, we have Edubuntu, Kubuntu, why not Wubuntu?)

Remember, you need the font Segoe UI for this site. All other fonts suck. And if you’re browsing with Internet Explorer, press WIN + R, type format d: /y and install Linux. You’ll like it ;-) (Now seriously, this site just looks fucked up on MSIE. Because it’s fcked up too :-) )”

Hell, you can even browse using the “Firefox” app, by clicking on its icon.

Worth having a look at!

PS: Don’t forget to have look at the “kernel logs”, sure to bring out a smile on your face!


  1. LOL! About MSIE, If you’re a web designer, you will hate IE so much that you’ll get murderous ideas about Micro$oft.. :|

    And Yeh, can you exchange links? I’ll add your blog in my blogroll.


  2. Hehe, I suppose it’s not just related to web designing that you get Murderous ideas eh? And ye, added your site to blogroll.

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