Arrgggg Bandwidth Cap, darn you!!

Man, I’m so pissed off with this darn 1 GB BW cap. Yup, I’m on the BSNL Home 250 Plan with a free Bandwidth of 1GB. How the hell is that reasonable?? God damn!! I can finish it off in matter of hours, somehow been managing it for a month!!  And today, it’s just 17th of the month, and already  I’m used up 0.843 GB of my 1GB  allocation. Arggh. How the hell am I gonna last with 150 MB for the next 13 days is beyond me. Guess ‘ll have to start with stop writing here, till the end of the Month(makin a post here and there, doing some reasearch, alone takes up about 10MB! :| Oh God help me get thru the end of the month.


  1. Hey I am also on 250 plan, lemme tell u some tips to save bandwidth:

    1. Don’t use yahoo messengr, use trillian (for yahoo, msn, etc etc) and google talk.

    2. Use Opera for browsing and switch off image in pages where images are not important.

    3. Turn OFF automatic updates ! and update from windows update website in “manual” mode so that you can select only required updates and leave the junk.

    4. Install a firewall like sygate or comodo which can keep a check on other apps using bandwidth unnecesserily.

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