open SuSE 10.3 Alpha 6 report

Well with me having shifted to Chennai, and with no computer, haven’t been able to do do anythin, and have to rely on cyber cafes with WinBlows loaded on them for my net access. So expect no more updates to my blog for a while; Coming back to the point,

“openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 6 appeared yesterday, the same day as the unveiling of the new openSUSE News portal. And that right after the big announcement that Andreas was handing over the reins of project manager to Coolo.”

Many of my findings correspond with some of the Most Annoying Bugs:

  • Network setup is broken, needs some manual repair or rcnetwork restart
  • Public key for checking release-notes.rpm is unavailable
  • Registration is broken
  • GNOME is W.I.P.
  • Adding default repositories crashes installation

Some of the new version highlights include:

  • kernel-default-2.6.22-5
  • xorg-x11-7.2-96
  • gcc-4.2-9
  • kdebase3-3.5.7-32
  • qt3-3.3.8-49
  • gnome-desktop-2.19.4-3
  • gtk2-2.11.5-3
  • OpenOffice_org-
  • MozillaFirefox-
  • gimp-2.2.13-90
  • ndiswrapper-1.47-5

Some Changelog Highlights are:

++++ compiz:

– Updated to latest git version (0.5.1_git_xxx) to make compiz compile against
new libwnck.
– New schema system.
– Moved gnome-xgl-info and gnome-xgl-switch back to main package
– gnome-xgl-info and gnome-xgl-switch reside in /usr/bin now.

++++ kdebase3:

– update from 3.5 branch to include bugfixes

++++ perl-Crypt-SSLeay:

– version update to 0.56

++++ wine:

– Upgraded to upstream 0.9.41

++++ glibc:

– Update to head of glibc-2.6 branch.

++++ flash-player:

– update to″

“All told this release is kinda broken, but it is an alpha. You have to break a few eggs to make a souffl’e, and hopefully it won’t fall next release. This is the first release for which Coolo took responsibility, but he came along late in the game. Let’s hang this one on Andreas. (jk) Actually, Coolo is said to have stated that this is the first alpha to feel like an alpha. Well, I don’t know about that.”

All of this, was posted on TuxMachines and credits to “

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