Ubuntu 8.04 LTS “Hardy Heron” to be out in April 2008

The next Ubuntu Linux distribution with long-term support, “Hardy Heron,” Ubuntu 8.04, will be released in April 2008.Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, like Red Hat with Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell with openSUSE and SUSE Linux, releases both a community version and a version for businesses or individuals who want to rely on a distribution with long-term technical support. Unlike Red Hat and Novell, though, Canonical doesn’t separate the two versions with different names.So while the next version of Ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu 7.10 is still due for release in October, this version is a “community” distribution. The next business version, according to Jono Bacon, Canonical’s Ubuntu community manager, will be Hardy Heron Ubuntu 8.04.

The first Ubuntu with this kind of support was Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support) in June 2006. As an LTS, this, and in 2008 Ubuntu 8.04, will be supported with server security updates for five years for three years on the desktop after each version’s release. So, 6.06 desktop security support will end in June 2009 and the server support will come to a close in June 2011. This next version, 8.04, will have desktop support until 2011 and server support until 2013.

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