openSuSE 10.3: Sneak Peaks Part I, 1-Click Install

Today we are taking a look at the new One-Click Install technology which aims to simplify package management for users. We will see how this is integrated into the openSUSE Build Service and we’ll have a talk with Benjamin Weber, the original author and maintainer of One-Click Install.

One-Click Install: Hassle-Free Installation of Software

openSUSE contains thousands of packages that are often spread across various repositories. Great places like the Packman project, Guru’s RPM site and of course the openSUSE Build Service provide thousands of packages for openSUSE users. The problem, however, is frequently the hassle of locating the package, adding the repository that contains it, and then finally installing the package. This can be a tiresome process particularly if you are intending to use many packages from different repositories (say, in the Build Service).

One Click Install removes this hassle.

In openSUSE 10.3, if you are looking to install an application from the openSUSE Build Service you can now use the new web front-end to search, browse and install applications with a single click. An example search for Filelight (an application for visualizing disk usage on your computer) in openSUSE Factory is shown below:

Example Search for Filelight

Once you click on 1-Click Install you are guided through a wizard that guides you through the simple process of installation the application. It will automatically add the repository for you and install the package. This process is demonstrated below:

Start-Up Screen Summary Downloading Repository Metadata
Downloading Package Installing Package Finished

This can all be tested right now presuming you are running openSUSE 10.3 Beta 1 or current openSUSE Factory with Konqueror. To get it running in Firefox check this walkthrough.

This new capability will also be used across in the future. The Software Search there also has an updated version in the works using the same One-Click Install technology. Below is, once again, an example search for filelight:

Software Search

Clicking on one of those links will take you through the same simple wizard as above.

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