John Carmack not as interested in Linux (and OpenGL?)

A german publication has posted an interview with Todd Hollenshead, id Software’s CEO, that reveals id Software and John Carmack are no longer as committed to Linux as they have been. Todd’s words also imply that the Windows version of id Software’s next game, Rage, will use Direct3D rather than OpenGL.

Id Tech 5, id Software’s new engine, was first publicly shown at this year’s Apple WWDC event running on a Mac. Their previous engine, DOOM 3, was also first shown on Mac hardware. At E3 id Software announced their next game, Rage, would have a simultaneous PC/Mac/XBOX 360/PS3 release and that it would run at 60 fps.

In this interview Todd mentions that a Linux version of id Tech 5 is not planned; he also goes on to mention that John Carmack is no longer as interested in Linux and that Rage will be a DX9 game, not DX10, and will run on Windows XP. Despite this, the game will ship for the Mac using OpenGL.

The reporters were able to see the game running on all four platforms the game will ship in (from the left: Mac, PC, PS3 and XBOX 360) and they were all purportedly running at 60 frames per second at 720p resolution. In that photograph it’s visible that the PC also has a XBOX 360 controller plugged-in.

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