Asus’ Linux & Menlow Based UMPC Leaked


Leaked shots have finally appeared late in the week of Asus’ heavily anticipated Linux based ‘ultra mobile PC’: the R3. Eagle-eyed snappers at Navigadget spotted it during an Adobe presentation for its AIR platform and we learnt the briefest of spec outlines.
At its core will be the much Intel’s much coveted next gen Menlow platform which is built incorporating the CPU giant’s 45nm Silverthorne processor and low power chipset meaning performance and battery life gains are in store. An impressive 1,024 x 600 native resolution touchscreen, GPS, a webcam and fingerprint reader also make it inside though everything else remains a mystery.
Given that Menlow isn’t expected until 2008 however we can say that the R3 won’t be appearing anytime soon, but it certainly looks interesting enough to make Microsoft question whether it has opened Pandora’s Box…

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