Ten Side Effects of Switching to Linux

Studies done by a prestigious think tank in Silicon Valley have identified the most common behavioral changes in people who have switched to Linux. They were nice enough to share their information with us. According to them, these are the ten most side effects offrequent of Linux use with us.

Number 10: You start talking about ‘killing’ programs instead of forcing them to quit

Number 9: You keep reminding yourself that you don’t have to save your work every five minutes

Number 8: You start substituting C for K in your normal writing (Did you know that Pizarro konquered the Inkas?)

Number 7: You talk your grandmother into open-sourcing her secret cookie recipe

Number 6: People give you strange looks when you brag about your uptime

Number 5: You cause Bill Gates’ fortune to decrease by 0.0000001 percent

Number 4: The only viruses that bother you are the ones that cause the flu

Number 3: The blue screen of death only appears to you in nightmares

Number 2: You actually get some serious work done

And the number 1 side effect of switching to Linux is:
Your problems meeting members of the opposite sex disappear

Source: Michael J. Jordon at

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  1. Some real ‘Side Effect’

    Number 11: Nearly 100+ Code Editors, but none of which have correctly and cleanly working inbuilt FTP Functionality like PSPad Editor, etc.

    I’d even pay for it if someone comes up with a Decent PHP/HTML Editor.

    Primary Reason why Windows is STILL my Primary OS.

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