openSUSE: Important URLs for Newbies

The openSUSE community has created a number of web pages, for the specific purpose of helping newbies.It is definitely worth while for newbie SuSE users to take a look at these (below) openSUSE community URLs, which provide guidance as to how to improve one’s SuSE, to go beyond the initial limitations in the “as delivered” version of SuSE :…

In particular I recommend looking at this page:

New SuSE-10.3 users, go for the SuSE-10.3 link:

A guide on installing restricted formats (ie mp3, video codecs, etc …)

and for SuSE-10.3 (follow for “one-click” guide on installing openSUSE-10.3 multimedia):

and don’t forget to look at the FAQ:

And some more related with hardware and drivers:

Wireless under openSUSE

ATI Graphics Driver Custom Install

Nvidia Graphics Driver Custom Install

Intel Graphics Driver under openSUSE…OTES.en.html#12

Installing a Webcam under openSUSE:

Scanner working under openSUSE

Checking for hardware compatiblity under openSUSE

Basic openSUSE concepts for the Windows users migrating to openSUSE

NTFS under openSUSE

General guidance for printing under Linux…printing_format

Source: Linux & openSource Blog

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