KDE Readies KOffice 2.0 As OpenOffice Competitor

In an interview with KDE spokesman Sebastian Kugler, Computerworld reports that KOffice 2.0 will be leaner, faster, and enjoy a cleaner code base than OpenOffice. KUgler emphasizes this part saying “One often hears that OpenOffice’s codebase is quite complex and rather large. While KOffice is lacking some functionality compared to OpenOffice, it’s certainly catching up – and eating less valuable developer time in the process.”

The KDE project pitches KOffice as “the most comprehensive office suite”, as it consists of 11 applications – from the standard word processor and spreadsheet to the Krita image manipulation tool and Kivio flowcharting application. KOffice even has its own database creator and alternative to Microsoft Access, dubbed Kexi.

With all the recent industry talk about document formats, KOffice has already transitioned to OpenDocument Format (ODF) by default and while it is not yet fully compatible with the standard, it is being worked on.

Kugler said there are no plans for KOffice to support Microsoft’s OOXML format, an incompatibility which may hinder document sharing on Windows.

Consumers can expect KOffice 2.0 for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X sometime next year, but the exact release date is not yet planned.

More details and the interview at Computerworld

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