15 New Ubuntu Distributions

Chris Pirillo writes in his blog about 15 new Ubuntu based distros:

  1. Fugubuntu = Linux for Poisonous (Yet Tasty) Fish
  2. Stewbuntu = Edible Linux Compiled with Gigantic Meat Chunks
  3. Eschewbuntu = Linux Designed to be Tossed Aside
  4. Flubuntu = Linux for Sick People
  5. Shoebuntu = Linux My Wife Keeps Buying More Of (Even Though She Has A Million Other Shoebuntus)
  6. Moobuntu = Linux for the Lactose Tolerant
  7. Gluebuntu = Sticky Linux
  8. Woohoobuntu = Linux Designed by Homer Simpson
  9. Tutubuntu = Linux Optimized for Pirouettes
  10. Lieubuntu = Linux Alternative to Linux
  11. Shmoobuntu = Fictional Linux
  12. Ewwwwbuntu = Linux Built on Open Sores
  13. Cluebuntu = Linux that Did it In the Conservatory with the Wrench
  14. Ruebuntu = Despicable Linux
  15. Suebuntu = [Distribution Removed Due to SCO Copyright Violation]

Know of any other new Ubuntu distros I should add to this list?


  1. BooBuntu – Ubuntu for late October Holidays – default orange and black color scheme
    BooBooBuntu – Ubuntu for the mistake tolerant
    ZooBuntu – Ubuntu for intelligent monkeys, dolphins and elephants
    CueBuntu – Ubuntu optimized for real time TV radio and stage productin
    DueBuntu – Ubuntu with specialized real estate, mortgage and loan programs
    WooBuntu – Ubuntu for lovers

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