Gobuntu: Ubuntu For FSF oriented


Gobuntu is a GNU/Linux operating system, derived from Ubuntu, that endeavors to adhere to the Free Software Foundations four freedoms and intends to gobuntuprovide a base for other free software platforms to build upon with minimal modification required. It does this by only including open-source non-restricted software. This means there will be no firmware, drivers, applications, or content included in Gobuntu that does not include the full source or whose license does not provide the right to use, study, modify, and redistribute the body of work.

Gobuntu shares the same system requirements as Ubuntu. At present, this means Gobuntu is available for 32-bit and 64-Bit PC architectures and the install requires at least 4 GB of disk space.

Why would I want Gobuntu?

If you are looking to build a free software distribution based off of Ubuntu, or you wish to use an operating system that only provides you with truly free software and content, you should consider trying Gobuntu.

Please note that because running Gobuntu on most laptops and many desktops will be difficult, Gobuntu is intended for experienced Linux enthusiasts at this time.

How do I get Gobuntu?

Download the text-based install CD. At present there is no live CD installer for Gobuntu.

Gobuntu has its own area on the Ubuntu wiki, a collaborative environment where the community can work together to share information. There is also a mailing list for developer discussion.

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