ATI releases Catalyst 7.10 drivers for Linux desktops

AMD and ATI weren’t fibbing. The graphics company, now part of Advanced Micro Devices, has released high-end Catalyst 7.10 graphics drivers for the Linux desktop.

ATI, once AMD bought it, promised to be more friendly to Linux desktop users. While this release still contains some proprietary bits, it does offer advanced 3D features for Linux users who are willing to use proprietary drivers.

The most important of these improvements is that this release of Catalyst includes the first preview release of AIGLX (Accelerated Indirect GLX) support for ATI Radeon graphics processors for consumer Linux use. In particular, it should enable Linux users to enjoy a richer visual three-dimensional user interface with the 3D Compiz Linux desktop. AIGLX also enables OpenGL accelerated desktop effects for supported Linux distributions.

The AIGLX support isn’t quite ready for prime time, though

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