Everex Readies Sub-$300 Linux Notebooks

After introducing a $198 Linux desktop this week, PC vendor Everex said it will bring Linux laptops under $300 to users next year.

The laptops will come with 12.1-inch to 17-inch screens and run the GOS version of the OS, built on Ubuntu Linux 7.10. It will include icons providing one-click access to Web sites like Facebook and multiple Google Web applications.

The company also plans to introduce other mobile devices like ultramobile PCs, said Paul Kim, director of marketing for Everex, a U.S. subsidiary of Taiwanese firm First International Computer.

The notebooks will be introduced in the first half of next year, Kim said. The company provided no additional details, other than saying the mobile devices will be competitively priced.

The energy-efficient $198 Linux desktop from Everex, TC2502 Green gPC, was introduced in Wal-Mart retail stores Wednesday. It runs on a 1.5GHz Via C7-D processor and comes with 512M bytes of RAM, an 80G byte hard drive, a DVD player and an Ethernet port. It does not include a monitor.

“The intent of GOS is to take [Linux] to the consumer and do what Steve Jobs did with Mac OS X — to take an alternative OS and package it for the consumer,” said David Liu, founder of GOS.

Microsoft‘s Windows Vista OS has done a lot of damage to the low-end PC market, so there is a great opportunity for a smaller and leaner OS, Liu said. Linux has come a long way and could grab an audience in the low-end market, Liu said.

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