1. Nice review. The user’s opinion makes for an accurate analysis of Xubuntu and has the effect of enticing the reader into trying it out. Nice review, well supported by screenshots and pertinent details.

  2. I have been using Xubuntu for at least a year now. I have Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu desktops all installed on the same machine. When I get bored I switch back and forth between xfce gnome and kde.

    However most of the time I am on XFCE4 (Xubuntu). Not only is it quick to boot but it is very stable. I find the other window managers have too many features and are distracting … a personal taste evaluation.

    But when I get tired and need to do more development work … I switch to KDE or Gnome or IceWM or Blackbox. Just such a change wakes you up and is refreshing. This is the wonderful thing about open source … there is no need to choose one interface. We can change the user interface with our changing moods.

    Great review for my favourite desktop.

    I do microcontroller designs for hydrogen fuel cell operation right now. For some work I need chip programming (Microchip) windows-based tools which run very nicely in Virtual Box under virtual XP. I like Xubuntu in particular for the small amount of CPU power it takes which makes my Virtual box run better than with either Gnome or KDE.

    The rest of the time for business correspondence, email and browsing I am on Linux with OpenOffice, Thunderbird mail and Firefox … all default Xubuntu applications.


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