[Combat]The Right Desktop Operating System

Windows vs Linux in a friendly fight to be choosen as the right OS for basic everyday use.
How we ranked

  • Installation

Installation shouldnot be too messy and should be user friendly. A GUI is preffered and faster installation obviously scores well.Live Cd’s/DVD’s score plus points.

  • Default Software

The operating system must come with a good suite of softwares to take care of all your needs.

  • Stability

This is the place where the Operating System has to score. It is very important that it doesn’t spur problems routinely.

  • Easy Availability and Installation of Softwares

Softwares for the Operating System should be easily available and easily installable.

  • Light on System Resources

The Operating System Should not hog your system resources. By hogging you system resources you will get very little performance out of your system.

Introduction to the contenders

The contenders today are Windows XP and *buntu.

To answer your first question that is why not Windows Vista- Windows Vista is undergoing SP1 operation and will recover only in the coming year.
Round I-Installation
Here comes a heavy punch from *buntu
Windows installation
The installation is fairly simple but takes a whopping 30 minutes on my Pentium-4 and 20 minutes on my Amd X2 4000+. both with 1 Gb RAM.
*buntu installation
*buntu follows a 7 step installation procedure. The installation is pretty straight forward and simple. Partioning is automatic and even lets you resize your windows partion. The instalation is backed by the live cd which means you donot have to wait for the installation to complete.
You can continue using the system. The system installation takes 15 minutes flat when no background tasks are running.
…..Round I winner after that heavy punch is *buntu
Round II- Default Software
Windows took a strong punch can it recover to strike back..
Windows Softwares
Making it quick windows default softwares are not adequate. First one needs to install a Security suite and Office suite and all.
*buntu Software
*buntu too requires some softwares like wine and other additional softwares.
….. and the second round ends in a disappointing draw
Round III-Stability
Round-III starting now, lets see who wins it shall we?
Windows XP
Within three months windows xp slows down a lot. The only way to recover from this is a reinstall. This is a common complaint by many people that they have to install windows very frequently. Once I had to install windows xp thrice in three days.
I never had any stability problems with *buntu. Its a install and forget how to install Operating system.
Round-III winner is…….. *buntu
Round IV-Easy Availability and Installation of Softwares
*buntu leads 2-0 can Windows make a comeback? ……
Windows Software
Windows has a lot of software which are easily available and easily installable. There are many websites for windows software’s. There are paid software, open-source software and free software.
*buntu too has many software and it automatically gets it from the internet without you having to search for it but still one has to wait for more number of software to come for linux cause the present number of softwares are not enough.
after that surprising sledge hammer Windows wins this round….
Round V-Light on System Resources
The final round starts who will take home the spoils?…
Windows has been critizised for hogging system resources slowing the system down. In addition to this anti-virus softwares hog additional system softwares.
Any linux distro is light on system resources. *buntu too is very light on system resources. One doesn’t even need to install an anti-virus software.
and the winner is …………..*buntu
Final thought
Had this been 2 years back Windows would have won it without much competition but Linux is evolving very fast and will not stop until it over throws windows. It would be nice to see more games come to Linux then it would completely replace windows.


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