Must Try Linux Distro’s

This for all those guys who don’t know which linux to try. These are the ones that had us awed at their usability and features.

Aditya’s Picks:

  • Ubuntu
  • Xubuntu
  • Puppy

My Picks:

  • openSuSE
  • Kubuntu
  • DreamLinux

Aditya explains a bit on each of his picks

Ubuntu:- If you are new to Linux, then you must definitely start off with one of the *buntu – Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu. Ubuntu is the popular of the trio, and was the first distro to successfully install on my ATi system. This distro’s popularity is growing really fast, even to the extent that dell ship’s it’s PC’s with Ubuntu.

Xubuntu:-If you liked Ubuntu then you will like Xubuntu even more. Xubuntu incorparates all features Ubuntu has and improves them to a great extent. Since it uses Xfce as it’s window manager, it’s considerably leaner than As of now this is my favourite Distro.

Puppy Linux:-One will marvel at what this distro packs in a mere 90mb download. Though installing isn’t completely easy, the features it offers are worth much more.It reads/writes to NTFS by default,plays mp3 out of the box and installing softwares is easy.Most functions are automated.This is one must try distro.

My thoughts on my picks
openSUSE: Aah the one which got me hooked to Linux. SUSE and me go a long way back… to around August 2000 when I had a glance at SUSE 6.3. 6 years, and fed up of Window’s annoyances, I went back to SUSE 10.0 and it just blew me away. openSUSE features both KDE and GNOME, and also comes with other lightweight Window managers like TWM and FVWM. The full install takes about 10 GB-but, you get everything all the Window managers, all development tools, all types of servers(FTP, Web, DNS, you name it, it’s there). All this power and yet it’s very easy for beginners to use! A Highly recommended distro.

DreamLinux:- Recently upon Aditya’s insistence I had tried out DreamLinux 2.2MM GL edition. If all letters confused you, it’s just to denote Multimedia GL(with reference to Xgl/Compiz) being featured out of the box–you can play most of the media files(haven’t tried commercial DVDs though- lack of a DVD player you see). Well I’ve to say, it’s a dream come true. It’s based on Xfce desktop, very light on resources, and looks very good, with the MacOS X like dock. Read my review of DreamLinux 2.2 MMGL here.

Kubuntu:- Basically same as Ubuntu, except that Kubuntu uses KDE as it’s display environment(K+Ubuntu = Kubuntu, smart ain’t those fellas? ;) ). While I’ve used this distro for a while, it still doesn’t measure up to levels of other (primarily KDE based) distros such openSUSE. Still a good choice if you’re a KDE fan, like me!


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