10 Reasons why Command Line is better than GUI

“Penguin Pete” gives 10 reasons as to why the command line is far better than GUI. And yeah, I do agree with him. Something as simple as installing as application is a lot easier! I mean c’mon tell me, which is better, telling someone to type “sudo apt-get install xxx” or “Click on the Button, Click on system, click on utilities, click on install” etc. Wouldn’t you agree? I prefer the command line way–not because it’s geeky, because it saves you a lot of time!

Here’s his reasons:

  • Keying is faster than mousing.
  • It’s easier to both give and get help.
  • Repetitive stress injury comes from the mouse, not the keyboard.
  • Commands are standard where GUIs are not.
  • Commands are more powerful.

  •  You can automate commands.
  •  Commands are easier to remember than clicks.
  • GUIs are always changing.
  • Commands are more error-safe.
  • You have to type to use a computer anyways

Head over to Penguin Pete’s for his detailed explainations


  1. Its not better different but not better
    1. it dosnt save time due to fact you have to know the commands in the first place if you simply dont know a command your stuck and have to go find it.
    2. Keying is not faster as a mouse is one simple click there are only 1 or 2 buttons on a mouse where as a keyboard is many, generally they work in tandum tho!
    3. Lets see all i have to do is click the properties that lets me change the resolution in command line well lets not go there.
    4. yes commands are more error safe but programs can be specificaly designed optimised and given security lest that human error isnt taken into account
    5. GUIs are allways changing because they are evolving allow us to do more things and use less resources.
    6. not nessecarily i think i could use a pc with just a mouse lets see on screen keyboards and the availability of programs.
    7. Repetitive strain injury comes from the mouse yes but it how you hold the mouse and how you type also.
    8. First you have to find the command for installing the program which can take hours then there might not even be a program for it, where as GUI is just double click the installer and pfft it lets you decide where to install what parts you want i have reason to beieve an installer is easier to compile.
    9. Hey its not me that wants ease of use is it?
    10. Commands can be more powerfull but theres something called being optimised for a system or task nowadays, theres not that much between GUi and command line now if a program is written correctly.
    11. GUI programs are more common and easier to use by far.

  2. @Kieran

    1. Once you know the command, it won’t change, unlike GUIs
    2. Mousing requires 1 or 2 buttons, yes but what about _moving_ the mouse in the first place?
    3. Properties, command line resolution, I’m not getting what you’re trying to point out :?
    4. Agree on that.
    5. They are always changing, and contrary to what you say, they are using greater resources, day by day
    6. Gee, I wonder how you’d login into your system with out a keyboard :roll:
    7. Agree
    8. Refer point #1
    9. I’m all for ease of use as well

    Don’t get me wrng, I’m not saying I use command line all the time, I always do console login etc etc. GUIs have changed the face of computing, and done so in a good way. But in some cases, the command line is better

  3. I think it depends on the user. For people who know the commands and want to work quickly the yeah DOS is loads better but people who dont obviously prefer GUI

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