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Switching to Linux- Part-I:-The installation

We have already told you why you need to shift to linux now we tell you how to shift to it
We have choosen Ubuntu as our distro. Why?
Well Ubuntu is the one, our saviour, our salvation……..
Ok coming back to the topic well Ubuntu is the most user friendly distro I have come across. Though Xubuntu is more user friendly due to its minimalistic nature it will take more of your precious time.

The Installation

All the buntu’s follow the simple 7-step installation procedure.
One you go through the steps you will find that there is really no need for this guide but I’ve run out of ideas for articles so I thought of doing this ;).

Select the installer language. Yes thats right an whole step dedicated to selecting the language.
Select your region. This ones rather innovative. It gives you a map with different time zones and you just have to click the time zone. As simple as that.
Select your keyboard layout. Thats 3 simple things untill now. This step even provides you a sand box to test your keyboard.
Oh-God its the partioner. Well one should actually say thank god for this partioner(rather thank the developer). The pationing is very simple and even lets you resize your partions.
Migrating Agent. In this step Ubuntu scans for user accounts from other Operating Systems installed in your hard drive and asks if you want to migrate those accounts.
Setup a User. Here you create an user and set up the password.
Confirm installation.
and Ubuntu gets installed within 15-20 minutes. Thats righti it’s so simple, anyone can install ubuntu.

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