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LDP is a loosely knit team of volunteers who provide documentation for many aspects of Linux. There are several forms of documentation: Guides, HOWTOs, man pages, and FAQs.
You can browse it at

A member of Mangalore LUG, Dr. Neville has uploaded this and was kind enough allow me to post the links here, so all credits to him.

Part 1 Size 99 MB md5sum 566ead529b4dda2a5e1c84f450670508
Part 2 Size 99 MB md5sum f02e0a56dc62a8b14515311d599ce35b

Part 3Size 99 MB md5sum 8c6952ca86e41f6a8d1dcf58b9810f89
Part 4 Size 27.8 MB md5sum 3442d552fd1b35e1e6ba17086ed6581c

Archive type: 7z, spanned, using Peazip

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