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Getting your openSUSE 10.3 Multimedia Ready

Due to the licensing restrictions, like most distros, openSUSE don’t have the codecs bundled along with the installation DVD. But thanks to their 1-click installer, it isn’t hard to get the Green Chameleon to start playing all those mp3’s/videos of yours.

It involves just 2 steps!

First, get the Restricted Format 1-click installer. Here’s the links:

This will enable you to have:

  • Flash
  • Java
  • Latest Amarok (with MP3 Support) for KDE, or Helix-Banshee for GNOME users
  • Encrypted DVD (libdvdcss)
  • Extra xine codecs, for MPEG-4 etc. (libxine1)
  • K3b with MP3 Support (k3b-codecs)
  • Win 32 Codecs (w32codec-all) well as the option of installing many more applications (select Advanced mode at the screen), including:

  • Opera
  • KMPlayer
  • Kplayer
  • MPlayer
  • Azureus
  • VLC
  • Codeine
  • ..and more

If you skipped installing VLC, then fear not! Install VLC via the 1-Click installer! Here’s the link.

That’s it!

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