Dear Readers,
If you’re one of the few people who’ve been following and reading my articles, first up, thanks for visiting my sbblog.
Secondly, I would like to apologise for lack of updates on my blog from my end. I know I was supposed to cover the Run down to KDE 4.0 release, but since past 2 weeks I’ve been extremely busy, caught up with work. I will try to keep my blog updated whenever I can, which won’t be for another week or so. If you’d like to contribute with Linux tips, articles, or any how-tos, drop me a mail at sathya <at> sathyasays <dot> com or post a message on the forums

If you’re still reading this, Many thanks :)

And as a side note, I will also be blogging on my life over at My World

Thanks & Keep visiting,


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