Some Ubuntu Hardy Heron Media – Wallpapers, DVD Covers

Well the new wallpaper for Ubuntu Hardy Heron is out. Have a Look. What do you guys think? Personally, I like it a lot. Really striking, much better than – somewhat bland wallpapers of the previous ones. But still, nothing quite like openSUSE’s artwork.

Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Also, Madsrh has been working on the booklet and DVD inlay cover. here’s a little peek on that

Ubuntu Hardy Heron Ubuntu Hardy Heron Ubuntu Hardy Heron

So what’re your opinions?


  1. I suppose the link for the wallpaper has some probs.

    Really wallpaper is quite good. Specially using the Heron for the wallpaper was a wonderful idea.

    Waiting for it to release.

  2. im trying to get a better quality of this wallpaper in order to print it as a poster. best one i found was here, can someone point me out for a better one?

  3. So where’s the MOST important image ?
    The disc LABEL !
    Need a full color image for inkjet printers like the Epson line or the HP D5360 or the dedicated DYMO and a high contrast job for lightscribe !

    These images (covers and wallpaper) look great but what does it look like when a POTENTIAL user opens the plastic and sees a disk labeled with a sharpie ? ! C’mon folks, the disc label art comes FIRST !

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