Tree View to be back in Konqueror in KDE 4.1

Some good news for Konqueror fans like me! Peter Penz reports that Tree View will be back in action in Konqueror for KDE 4.1! According to Peter, a complete rewrite of QT4’s Interview(a model-view-controller framework for tree structures )  was the reason for Tree View to be MIA.

Dolphin Tree View

Although they had intended to bring it out under the KDE 4.0 release, the above mentioned  rewrite meant that it had to be omitted, and will be back in action for the 4.1 release. Interestingly, as Konqueror uses Dolphin’s KPart for  file management capabilties, this would mean that Dolphin would also feature Tree View. Peter Penz however mentions that it will be turned off by default under Dolphin and will have to be turned on manually. It has to be noted that at the moment Tree View is not completely glitch-free and has few minor bugs, however you can expect it to get fixed soon.

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