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Compiz Fusion Gets New Effect – Presenting the Cylinder

Unless you have been living under a stone, you should be knowing that Compiz Fusion transforms your Linux 2D desktop, with virtual desktops into a 3D one, complete with Cube plugin(amongst others) which transforms the virtual desktops into a cube.

Developer Dennis Kasprzyk has finally finished his idea to implement a cylinder deformation for the cube plugin. The result is that Cubereflex plugin has now been rename to Cubeaddon, and it comes with a new effect, “CYLINDER”. Here’s a screen shot of the plugin in action

For those who wish to see it in action, here is a YouTube video of it.

To get this effect, you’ll have to Install Compiz Fusion from git.
Please note that  is not recommended unless you want the absolute bleeding-edge version.
As Compiz Fusion Wiki states,

Because Git is divided into many different repositories, you can use a script to download and build all the components for you. You can check these out by using:

git clone git://
git clone git://

The ‘get-git’ script will clone and update all Compiz Fusion related modules such as libcompizconfig, compiz and emerald and the ‘YAGS’ script will clone all plugin repositories. Using yags is fairly simple, just execute ‘./yags $COMMAND’ where $COMMAND can be ‘pull’ ‘make’ ‘make install’ ‘make clean’ ‘clone’. YAGS will then apply this command to all applicable directories.

For Ubuntu users, Ubuntu Forums has a dedicated thread to installing Compiz Fusion from git, have a look at it over here.


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