Test OpenSUSE 11.0: feature by feature

Now that the first beta is out for openSUSE 11.0, you can start to dig in and really start banging on the release to catch bugs before the release candidates and final release. If you’re wondering where to start, Holger Sickenberg has put together an excellent resouce to help guide testing.

Holger has compiled a list of new features in openSUSE 11.0 that it would be a good idea to test to ensure that each and every feature works as planned and is as bug-free as possible. Holger has also included directions for testers, so it’s as easy as loading up openSUSE 11.0 and following the steps.

Any test that’s marked “idle” is fair game — so feel free to jump in and start beating up on the new features.

If you do find any bugs, be sure to check the Bug reporting FAQ and report the bug in Bugzilla.

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