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A Comprehensive List of Twitter Clients For Linux

Ever since being introduced to Twitter by Preshit, I’ve been addicted to twitter. While I prefer tweeting via IM or Twitter’s homepage, Few of you would love to use a twitter client. Here’s a list of some twitter clients for Linux

  • For those who are using KDE4, there’s a plasmoid KDETwitter – it just displays the updates, and you can tweet, that’s about it
  • Ktwitter is a simple script for KDE desktops. In Ubuntu curl and kdebase-bin will satisfy them.
  • ZenTwitter is similar to Ktwitter. It provides a simple “Gimme your tweet” box with OK and Cancel as the only options.
  • gTwitter is available in Ubuntu’s universe repository. It has general features that most clients should have, like reading your friends’ timeline, public timeline, posting, refresh intervals, and showing user avatars in the timeline, which is a nice addition.
  • GtkTwitter – It has two purposes and does them well: Receive updates and post updates. Clicking on an update takes you to the website. There is no auto-update feature
  • Twitux is a Twitter client designed especially for the GNOME desktop. It has several basic features, including direct messaging, notification of friend updates, timeline auto-update, and a system tray icon.
  • gTwitter is a GTK+-based app that lets you read both the public and your friends’ timelines and, of course, post to Twitter. You can adjust its refresh rate, save images from others, and choose how you want Tweets to be displayed.
  • Twitbar — a Twitter client for Gnome users to post from the Deskbar
  • twitter.el and twit.el – these are 2 Emacs twitter plugins
  • Vim Twitter is supposed to be a way to send tweets from Vim, another text editor. However, I couldn’t get the script working.
  • mitter — A very simple Python and pygtk client.
  • BLT is a console client for Twitter. It’s a perl script and it seems to work well enough for an application currently in Alpha state.
  • jTwitt – Java-based client
  • twitterl – which puts a Java wrapper around the Twitter API
  • Pwytter, a cross-platform client written in Python.
  • phpitter: A very young, about two weeks old client, But is very active and coming along nicely
  • Anoj Ramaswamy Sundar mentions an easy way to tweet from the command line.

Clients Based on Air which work well –

  • Spaz – supports multiple themes, event sounds, and user-defined CSS overrides. With Spaz, you can delete Tweets you’ve sent, Favorite your friends’ Tweets, and send direct messages or replies to any Twitter user. Spaz keeps track of who you follow as well as who follows you, and auto-refreshes to keep you on top of all incoming direct or timeline messages.
  • twhirl — A multi-account Twitter desktop client based on AIR and Flex. Compact UI, keyboard shortcuts, many features like auto-connect, auto-refreshing tweets, sending updates, replies, direct messages and more
  • Snitter — lots of features with a great UI make this Twitter client stand out from the crowd. Vimal reports that as of now its unusable with High CPU usage

Complied from, Twitter Wiki Fan Apps and fsckin w/ linux

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  2. Nice list indeed. I was looking for a twitter client for Ubuntu. I heard Hardy got twitux by default. Will surely try some of these. Thanks :)

  3. Misinformed. Anyway, you wrote about AIR clients. But is that supported in Linux? I tried a hundred and ten times with wine. But no use. Heard about Adobe releasing AIR for linux. But is that out at all?

  4. Really nice list, m soon gonna try Twitux infact tomorrow only on my CentOS 5.1, just some perl modules missing

    great work – kindly carry on !

  5. hey guys, stumbled across this when I was searching for my name ;)
    I use Twhirl a lot on ubuntu gutsy but the cmd line method rocks ;)

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