Linux For All Is Inaugurated

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my good friend, Kunal Gautam has launched a blog on Linux, “Linux For All – Making Linux usable for all from newbies to techies“. Kunal is a gem of a person, is well versed in all the latest techonologic trends and I’m proud to say that he is one of the persons who I’ve convinced to make a shift from Windows to Linux and is extremely happy with it. Kunal, now is doing a course in RHCE and aims to be a Linux System Admin in due course of time.

So for those people who drop by my blog, do pay a visit to his blog.

Thanks :)

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  1. Thank You Sathya for inaugrating blog. Its true that you are the person who ignite intrest of linux in me. You are always a source of inspitration .

    Loving You,
    Kunal Gautam

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