Fedora Free Media Program

While having a look around Fedora’s site, I came across the Free Media Program.

Fedora Free Media Program is a volunteer initiative under Fedora Distribution Project that aims to distribute Fedora Media (DVDs) for free to individuals who couldn’t afford to buy or download. Local Fedora Ambassadors or Contributors are invited to participate.

Unlike Canonical which will send you any amount of CDs, Fedora’s Free Media Program’s policy states that they will send only one media per person per release + source media if requested(which IMO is a good thing, you can always get the media copied).

In addition to ordering the media from here you can also join and participate! Yup, If you can take care of burning the DVDs and sending them, and can handle the shipping charges by yourself, then you can also Join in the program.

They also accept donations via PayPal, so if you can afford it, do your bit!


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