Oracle Offers Free Linux DVDs – Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Oracle joins the list of vendors offering free media consisting of Linux distributions – a list which includes Canonical which ships Ubuntu and Fedora under their Free Media Program. Oracle is now giving its Linux distribution, named Oracle Unbreakable Linux –  a 2 DVD set. For support you’ll have to pay extra.

Send your request for the 2-DVD kit Oracle Unbreakable Linux by heading over to this page.


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  2. I filled out the form and submitted it. Now i recieve an email saying it is for activation. There’s a link in the email. And it takes me to page where it says this is your password for cd activation.

    What do i do now?

  3. Thanks for the information. Better that we have Oracle giving Linux. I think Fedora and Canonical stopped shipping one. Been receiving from them for the past years….

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