Presenting openSUSE 11.0

After a long, long wait for SUSE maniacs like me, its finally here: Presenting the latest version of openSUSE, openSUSE 11.0

The new version features a slick shiny new installer, updated KDE 4.0.4, GNOME 2.22, Kernel version 2.6.25. If you’re still hesitant to jump to KDE4.0, you can use KDE 3.5.9 which comes with the DVD edition. And if you’re on a low-end spec PC, then just install XFCE!

On the applications front, openSUSE 11 features Firefox 3 Beta 5 which gets auto-updated to Firefox 3.0 via online updates. Also featured is Banshee 1.0, which has been re-written to improve performance and includes many new features, like video playback, better “shuffle” playback, support for iPods, MTP devices, and mass storage player devices, and support for podcasts and better integration.

openSUSE 11.0 also comes by default with Compiz Fusion enabled, and the various effects are easier to configure as the highly flexible CompizConfigSettingsManager(CCSM) is installed by default.

For those into virtualization, the Xen virtualizer gets updated to Xen 3.2.

openSUSE 11 also features OpenOffice 2.4, an alternative to Microsoft Office. This release includes import support for OpenXML, 3-D transitions in Impress, SVG import support, improved performance over standard, and better Excel support and VBA macro support.

Download It!

As usual openSUSE 11.0 is available for download in various media:

  • Single DVD
  • KDE 4 Live+install CD(32 and 64-bit)
  • GNOME Live+Install CD(32 and 64-bit)
  • Via HTTP, FTP, MetaLink and BitTorrent,

Download it from

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  1. I installed Ubuntu on my PC, but the comptuer suddenly goes off after sometime in Ubuntu.

    So, I want to try out OpenSUSE or Fedora.
    How would I do this?
    If I format the partition containing Ubuntu, will my computer boot from XP as it did when I dint had Linux ?

  2. @Aravind it may seem biased, I’ve been a openSUSE user for a while, hence I’ll say go for openSUSE!

    @Jay, No openSUSE doesnt have the equivalent of wubi

  3. Added x86-KDE Live CD .torrent to my list.. 6GB to go till it starts downloading.

    Fonts (still) look HUGE though.. I’m very much used to 8pt Tahoma/Bitstream Vera.

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