Linux Hater? Here Comes Windows Hater!

A lot of you out there must’ve read Linux Hater’s Blog, a blog with (some valid) rants about what’s wrong about Linux. John M Anderson ponders over what made him shift from Windows to Linux and here’s some of his choice quotes

You just bought built a brand new computer and want to install the brand spankin’ new Windows Vista Ultimate, you plop down $300, and away you go! What does $300 get you? A bare minimum operating system with nothing but MS Paint and Media Player. ….. After you have all your device drivers installed and can utilize all your hardware, you’ll want to go to Windows Update to make sure your computer is completely secure. You run the first batch of updates and it asks you to reboot, when it comes back up it doesn’t tell you all your updates weren’t finished, but using your spidey sense, you know that couldn’t have been all! So you go back to windows update to find a whole mess of updates waiting for you, these ones will also ask you to reboot (and so will the next 3 or 4 groups of updates). Rebooting is good for your new system, gets it warmed up. … 4 reboots and 230 updates later you decide you would like to edit some family photos for your Christmas postcards–no problem-Vista comes with the all powerful MS Paint …. Six hundred dollars and 7 hours later you have an almost usable computer, you still can’t watch DIVX or DVDs, burn Audio CD’s, Balance your checkbook, Sync your phone to your calendar and e-mail, or entertain your children with any games but minesweeper or solitaire. You don’t even have a virus scan program yet!

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