1. I have just migrated from Xp to DreamLinux(Xfce)..It works like a charm for me on my old PIII lappy!

    Have been using it since a month now..m 100% satisfied! I have even worked wth Ubuntu fr two-three weeks!
    Now in love wth DreamLinux.

  2. Dream Linux is good but the only reason I found my way around it is because I know my way around Ubuntu. With Ubuntu you follow shorter steps to achieve the same thing.
    You could try Xubuntu for that system of yours:)

  3. i believe the sluggish part is hardware specific problem. in my experiment dreamlinux ran smoothly even at exotic old pentium 4. many windows user might lost when using dreamlinux and perhaps many mac user also. but in my conclusion dreamlinux is one of the best lightweight distro ;-)
    and its closer to debian than ubuntu

  4. Rather than looking at whats closer to Debian look at what’s more user friendly. While using Dream Linux I found everything to load very slowly and mine is an AMD x2 4000+.
    As far as light weight distro’s go Xubuntu and Puppy are my choices.

  5. The reason it is so slow is the kernel drivers apparently have a problem with DMA for all releases of DL. Supposedly version 3.4 will fix this, but if you check hdparm you’ll notice that you’re running PIO mode!

  6. I’m a boring Debian-Testing user, have been for about 7 years now. A friend told me that Dream Linux was a pice of eye candy right out of the box. (I hate pretty and slow distros) Eventualy he convinced me to try it. Even Ubuntu wasn’t so easy to install. My total install time (partitioning included) was under 20 minutes. My old laptop seemed to have gotten a new life blown into it. I did use XFCE though; long, long, long time since i have enjoyed GNOME.

    I would highly recomend DL to any newbie or experienced user. The bundled software has everything you need to start trying it out, as well as tons of codecs Ubuntu lacks, thus reducing frustration time for new users.

    A user above mentioned that you might have had hardware-specific problems. I would agree, I installed it on 3 computers, and I had no driver problems, partition issues, or run issues, all three computers showed a boost of performance over Ubuntu, and much shorter boot times.
    I will always run Debian (ol’ dogs and new tricks), but Dream Linux is a great second choice ┬┤particularly if you don’t need Debians’ robustnes, and enjoy Fast Eye Candy.

  7. 40mins to install? Really? There’s something else going on there… on my AMD Sempron 2800+ w/ SATA-1 HDD & IDE DVDRW, it only took about 10mins.

    Losing the default dock (Engage) indicates, in my experience, that either the video card drivers are not install/compatible w/ Compiz & Emerald, or the 3D-aspect of the card is defective. If working correctly, you should be looking @ an OSX Leopard like dock(called AWN).

    Did you ask any questions on the forum? The support there is amazing. Very friendly & responsive.

  8. Yet another review of a Linux distro by somebody who didn’t read up first. I have installed Dreamlinux on over 50 towers and laptops. Install time took between 7 to 10 minutes. If your dock (Engage) disappeared it’s because you didn’t install your graphic drivers, otherwise AWN would load with Compiz.
    Two scripts: ati-install and nvidia-install would have done it if you had bothered to either search or ask on the forum.
    Xubuntu? You’re kidding, right?
    Benchmark Xubuntu and Dreamlinux and post the data.
    Also, Dreamlinux has all wireless network card drivers preinstalled, neither Ubuntu nor Debian have that.
    I will come back to see if you research your next distros before posting such FUD.

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