KDE 4.1 Released, Gets Rave Reviews

It’s no secret that KDE4.0 didn’t get good reviews. Fact is it was heavily criticized, mainly for instability problems. So much so that it was argued that KDE 4.0 shouldn’t have been pushed out as a .0 release. But that was past, and today KDE 4.1 was released. Judging from the reactions, its no doubt that the KDE team has almos redeemed its mistakes of the 4.0 release. carries a review of KDE4.1, and here’s what they say

One of the most controversial announcements during the KDE 4.1 development cycle was the reported removal of icons for the desktop. In actuality, desktop icons are not missing from the new version, they’re just handled differently. This version introduces a Folder View plasmoid, which is a container you can place on the desktop that can show the contents of any directory.

As far as eye candy, KDE 4.1 looks simply stunning. While its theme uses the same foundation as 4.0, the developers have improved it with many tweaks.

Some of the most notable new features in KDE 4.1 include the introduction of the minimalistic Dragon Player for videos, tree view and tabbed browsing features in Dolphin, and several improvements in Gwenview, such as a thumbnail bar and the repositioning of the rotate and full screen options to easier to reach places to minimize mouse movement.

TuxMachines has a collection of reviews of  KDE4.1, you might want to check it out.

For those who want to try KDE4.1, openSUSE KDE4.1 Live CD is available, download it from here.
If you’re already using openSUSE 11, upgrade to KDE4.1 using the 1-click installer.


  1. I was reading what ArsTechnia had to say about this earlier today, and it sure looks aamazing! the plasmoid thing sounds cool!

    Can I have Ubunti and OpenSuse Use the same SWAP space btw?

    and Great job using Apture man :D

  2. @Reetesh Any linux distro can share the same swap space. With a bit of tweaking you can make Windows and Linux share the same swap space
    And thanks :D

  3. Perfect timing. I was planning on installing openSuSE on a desktop and had been holding back because of the instability reports. Spent the last 10 days downloading it. I can finally install it.

    This epitomizes my “never install an x.0 release immediately and hang around the forums for a couple of weeks to check out the crash reports before installing” rule!

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