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Disabling Auto-Refresh of Repositories in openSUSE 11

One of the heavily improved aspects of openSUSE 11 is the package manager and the way packages and repositories are handled. Although YaST [Yet Another Setup Tool, openSUSE’s system admin/configuration tool] is no longer the slow poke that it used to be, its still no match in terms of speed to Debian’s apt-get/Synaptic.
One of the more irritating part of YaST is that it auto-refreshes the repositories every time you launch the package management, YaST downloads the info regarding all the packages that are available in the repo. Now if you’ve subscribed to multiple repos(most likely the case) or if you’re stuck on a slow connection, this can take the wind out of your sails, especially if you want to jsut install something from the DVD. So here’s a small step to disable auto-refresh of repos.
First head over to YaST, click on Software and then Software Repositories.

Next,Select the repo, and ensure that Automatically refresh is disabled. That’s it!

The repos will no longer refresh automatically.


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