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[How-To] Changing The New Kickoff Menu to Traditional Menu

The release KDE4 brought in the new kickoff menu, the slab-style menu which was first introduced in openSUSE 10.2. The premise is simple – instead of unfolding menu after menu, the submenu opens within the menu itself. What makes the Kickoff a killer is the inclusion of search.

While I love Kickoff menu and can’t live without it, lot many people prefer the old KDE style menu.

So lets see how to get the old traditional K Menu back – it’s simple, no editing of config files required!

First right click on the panel, and choose panel settings.
Panel Settings

Now a secondary panel will open.
Add Widgets

Next choose Add widgets. The list of installed plasmoids will appear.


Now click on the ‘minus (-)’ icon next to Application Launcher and double click on Application Launcher Menu. Repostion the icon as needed, by right clicking the panel -> choosing panel settings and moving the icon. Close the plasmoids list.

That’s it! You’ve gone back to the traditional KDE menu!

Traditional KDE menu

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