New Circular Application Menu Makes Its Appearance: Presenting The Circular Application Menu

It seems the past year has been the season of re-invention of menus. The traditional KDE style menu was majorly redesigned and revamped to give the Slab aka Kickoff menu.

The next style of menus comes from Cole Anste, who’s put forward and implemented his version of Don Hopkin’s version of the Pie Menu.

Images depicting the various menu-styles

  • Traditional Menu

Traditional Menu

  • Kickoff


  • Circular Application Menu

Circular Application Menu

The radial menu reminds me a lot of the radial menu present in Neverwinter Nights, I must say.

So if you’re eager to get this thing installed via SVN, just head over to Google Code page and follow the instructions.

Debian users can get the .deb file from here.


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