WordPress Rolls Out 2.6.2 – Its A Mandatory This Time – And How

The good people over at WordPress released WordPress 2.6.2 today. And unlike the previous 2.6.1 release, this release is a mandatory release, to fix a loophole which occurs if your blog has registrations open.

From the horse’s mouth:

If you allow open registration on your blog, you should definitely upgrade.  With open registration enabled, it is possible in WordPress versions 2.6.1 and earlier to craft a username such that it will allow resetting another user’s password to a randomly generated password.  The randomly generated password is not disclosed to the attacker, so this problem by itself is annoying but not a security exploit.  However, this attack coupled with a weakness in the random number seeding in mt_rand() could be used to predict the randomly generated password.

Certainly seems a very important reason to update to 2.6.2. And if you find the process of upgrading WordPress blog a pain, here’s an effortless way of doing it.


    1. Sweety, Blogger and WordPress are 2 mutually exclusive blogging platforms, you cannot install blogger on top on WordPress or WordPress on top of Blogger.

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