Get your copy of Sun OpenSolaris For Free

In my previous posts, I’d mentioned about Canonical’s Ship It program, which sends Ubuntu disc for free to your door step, Fedora’s Free Media program, which ships Fedora media wherever you it shipped. .I’d also mentioned Oracle sending their Oracle Unbreakable Linux for free(though to date I haven’t received them). 

Now, Sun Microsystems joins the list of vendors offering free media. Head over to this page and fill in the form and request for your OpenSolaris CD.
Thanks, Arun aka mixdev


  1. Hey Sathya,
    Thx for telling this stuff. i got my opensolaris cd for free………

    However the CD needed username and password for login unlike a ubuntu live CD. So I checked out solaris website to reveal this:

    username: jack
    password: jack

    username: root
    password: opensolaris

    plz.sathya and every1 be aware of these details wen u use the live cd.

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